Product Update

Product Update: How CauseVox Helps You Create Seamless Giving Experiences

When was the last time you had a bad experience?

At the new restaurant in town, you had to try, yet when you arrived the host left you questioning your decision.

While buying a new pair of jeans online with a 40% coupon that failed to work at checkout.

Or a plumber who told you she’d be right over, which actually meant next week, which you only uncovered after four unanswered phone calls.

^ these experiences leave you full of regret, skeptical, and unlikely to recommend.

Have you had similar experiences? Me too …

Your giving experience directly impacts donor retention and new donor acquisition.

Unfortunately, if you’re not intentional, these same potholes can show up throughout the experiences you deliver to your supporters.

Whether giving a one-time donation on your website, setting up a personal fundraising page, or contributing to your year-end campaign—a negative giving experience will determine if your supporters:

  • Complete their donation. Too much friction, long forms, clicks, or time required will drive supporters away before they give.
  • Trust your organization. Hiccups or security flaws will give donors pause and you’ve lost more than a donation.
  • Recommend you. Today, what people say about your organization is more important than what you say about yourself. Their experience determines this.

Donor retention averages have remained below 50% for 10+ years now and donor files are shrinking. Both placing a spotlight on this reality.

However, nonprofits who’ve invested in providing a seamless giving experience have seen their supporters:

  • Increase donations and support
  • Give again when asked
  • Tell others to supporter your cause

And that’s why CauseVox’s fundraising software is designed to help you create a seamless giving experience your supporters will LOVE across all your online fundraising.

CauseVox’s fundraising platform lets you:

Build trust and loyalty in your online fundraising through branded fundraising sites and peer-to-peer campaigns.

Unlike expensive and confusing fundraising tools, CauseVox is purposely simply while providing flexibility for your unique fundraising needs and personalization to your organization’s brand without the help of IT or web developer.

With CauseVox, you can create and manage fully-branded fundraising sites and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that tell your story, help you activate your supporters, and raise more online.

Decrease friction and build trust with CauseVox’s embedded personalized donations pages.

embed donation page example

Your organization is unique, and your donation page should look and reflect your cause.

CauseVox Donation Pages help you showcase your brand and personalize for your needs. And, now your personalized one-time or monthly giving donation page can be integrated directly onto your website using our easy-to-implement embed!

By using the embeddable page, you’ll ensure your donors have a great experience giving online to your organization. Our embeddable donation page provides donors an easy way to give on any device, on a branded, secure form right on your website.

CauseVox joins Stripe Partner Program as a Verified Partner

Stripe Partner Program

We’re also excited to announce that CauseVox is one of the first to join the new Stripe Partner Program as a Verified Partner (learn more here). By joining the program, you will benefit from the combination of CauseVox’s fundraising platform with Stripe’s seamless payments platform.

This gives your supporters confidence that their data is safe when they support your cause.

Deliver seamless giving experiences and raise more online with the power of CauseVox

Check out our new product update that has all the details on our commitment to helping you deliver a seamless giving experience.

Thousands of organizations, like CCANVolo City Kids Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity, already trust CauseVox to help them streamline and grow their fundraising.

Interested in exploring how you can use CauseVox to create a streamlined giving experience? 

You can create your free CauseVox account here or watch a 2-minute demo here.

Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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