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Jenna Notarfrancesco
Jenna Notarfrancesco

It only takes one day of collective giving to transform entire communities. CauseVox giving days hold powerful potential to generate impact that extends beyond the 24-hour window.

While you may be acquainted with GivingTuesday’s impressive global giving stats, don’t feel limited to run a giving day only once a year! Whether it’s a small community affair or a bigger, more widespread initiative, your organization can boost donations in a short time frame any time throughout the year. 

On the flip side, community foundations and local nonprofits can organize citywide or regional giving days, like Spur Local’s Give Local Together Campaign, rallying entire communities in support of various causes.

With CauseVox’s advanced suite of giving day tools, you can comprehensively create and manage a giving day that stands out. Use CauseVox’s new giving day functionality to tailor the donor and supporter experience with a remarkable giving day website that not only engages donors but also significantly boosts donations.

Learn how Spur Local raised more than $1MM on GivingTuesday using CauseVox’s tailored, peer-to-peer giving day site:

Tailored Giving Day Website

Build a comprehensive, custom-branded giving day site tailored to your mission, whether it’s your first attempt or a recurring event. Creating an attractive, informative site is the first step in exciting supporters to rally behind your cause. 

Branded Site

CauseVox’s intuitive drag-and-drop tool allows you to easily layout and design your fundraising site in a way that’s unique to your mission and beneficial to supporters. From program details and sponsor walls, to donor listings, typography and imagery, each piece is aligned completely with your organization’s identity and message. Learn more about the New Site Editor.

Static Pages

Static pages are the unsung heroes of your fundraising site – offering a straightforward way to share essential information and connect with your audience. Here’s some static pages you can add to your site to enhance your supporter experience:

  • About Page: Consider a deep dive into your mission, values, and impact. From campaign inspiration to team details, achievements, and the communities you serve, it’s a comprehensive look at your story. Packed with insights, this page builds trust and invites potential donors to join your mission.
  • FAQ Page: Ever had burning questions about a cause? That’s where the FAQ page comes in handy. It’s your go-to resource, answering common questions about your mission, fundraising initiatives, fund usage, and impact. Offering clarity on donation methods, tax deductions, program specifics, and contact info, this page ensures transparency.
  • Prize Page: Add extra excitement to your fundraising journey with the Prize Page. Showcase rewards and incentives for top-performing fundraisers – be it recognition, exclusive merchandise, or special experiences. It’s about celebrating efforts, encouraging friendly competition, and turning your campaign into a rewarding experience.
  • Organization Info Page: Think of the Organization Info Page as your nonprofit’s digital hub – presenting mission statements, history, impact, program breakdowns, financial transparency, leadership bios, and contact information. This page helps donors understand your nonprofit’s purpose and how contributions are utilized.
  • Sponsor Wall Page: Gratitude takes center stage on the Sponsor Wall Page. Pay homage to generous supporters, showcasing names, logos, or messages. With graphics like company logos, photos, and acknowledgments, the Sponsor Wall becomes a dynamic space recognizing benefactors and inspiring others to join the cause. It’s a testament to the community rallying behind your organization’s vision.

Search Page

Empower donors to easily find and discover causes that align with their interests through our intuitive search page. We’ve streamlined the process so donors can browse causes with a keyword search and filter causes by category to eliminate guesswork and empower their giving. 

CauseVox’s Giving Day Search Page

Mobile Optimized

Increase completed donations by accepting multiple payment options. CauseVox donation forms see an increase in completed donations, thanks to a seamless and personalized giving experience. Ensure donors find their preferred way to pay with unparalleled ease, through credit/debit cards, mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and ACH.

CauseVox’s Giving Day Mobile Payments

Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Impact

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful type of crowdfunding that uses your current donors, volunteers, and other connections to fundraise for your nonprofit or charity.

Your supporters become personal fundraisers by creating personal, team and organization pages under your campaign that drive their networks to give to your cause, expanding your reach and helping you acquire new donors in the process.

We’ve seen that campaigns using peer-to-peer fundraising tend to raise twice as much as those without. 

It’s important to choose a platform that’s easy and intuitive so fundraisers can feel confident and excited to fundraise. CauseVox provides a mobile-friendly, versatile portal so they can easily create and manage any number of custom fundraising pages.  

Let’s look at the different levels of peer-to-peer fundraising you can use for your next giving day.

CauseVox’s Giving Day Organization Page

Organization Pages

CauseVox makes it easy for partnering organizations to create a page integrated with your custom site to support you or champion local charities. Consider inviting organizations such as:

  • Corporate sponsors
  • Schools and colleges
  • Religious organizations
  • + Many more

Individuals associated with these organizations can easily join in. By signing up, fundraisers create a dedicated page linked to the organization page, ensuring that their contributions are pooled together for a collective impact.

Here’s how it works: organization admins create a page for approval. Once given the green light, fundraisers can join the page or be placed there by admins.

Organization admins enjoy a self-service portal, providing full control and flexibility over page details, donation and fundraiser management to help streamline workflow.

CauseVox’s Giving Day Personal and Team Pages

Personal and Team Pages

Foster collaboration with dedicated personal and team pages.

Personal fundraisers are dedicated champions raising funds on behalf of your organization. Every donation made through their page not only reflects on the personal page, but also resonates across any organizations and teams they’re associated with, leaving a tangible mark on the main fundraising site. By creating a personal page, individuals drive impact and weave their efforts into the broader narrative of your cause.

Team pages add another layer and can be your “go-to” on giving days as powerhouse fundraisers work together seamlessly on one page. Each team sets a goal calculated by adding up individual goals. All funds raised on personal pages automatically contribute to the team total, along with direct donations to the team page. 

Creating a team is straightforward – it can be initiated by the campaign admin or any personal fundraiser. Fundraisers can quickly sign up on mobile to create their personal page, then join any existing team or create their own team page.

Upgrade Donor Engagement

Donor engagement becomes the heartbeat of giving days, transforming a simple transaction into a meaningful interaction. CauseVox’s visionary donation form elevates an ordinary donation process to an exceptional donor experience, increasing funds and happier donors.  

Enhanced Donation Carts

On giving days, donors are eager to support multiple teams and causes, making the Donation Cart the perfect donation vehicle. It allows donors to seamlessly add multiple donation items to their cart and attribute each donation to a different personal, team, or organization page, all in one go. This means that during giving days, donors can fund causes and support teams with ease.

Donation Carts help to transform giving day donations into an interactive and enjoyable online shopping journey. You can recommend causes aligned with donors’ interests, increasing engagement and gift sizes while helping to reduce transaction fees, enhance data collection, and gain insights for targeted stewardship activities. Learn more about our Enhanced Donation Carts.

Here’s a short video overview of the Donation Cart:

Impressive Site Dynamics

Generate excitement and urgency during your giving day with real-time site dynamics such as progress bars and counters, power-hour fundraising and leaderboards. These interactive elements significantly enhance the donor experience while organically creating friendly competition to drive participation and donations. Here’s three outstanding elements to dramatically boost donations:

  • Donation Counter: The donation counter is a prime feature widely recognized in fundraising to visually represent funds raised in real-time. It motivates fundraisers and donors to help you achieve your funding goal.
CauseVox’s Giving Day Donation Counter
  • Power Hour: This nail-biting 60-mins is filled with anticipation and floods of donations as supporters furiously donate to help their cherished teams climb the top of the leaderboard. Incentivize fundraisers by awarding the top fundraisers and teams with monetary prizes, merch or other perks. You’ll see a surge of donations in a short period of time, as power hours attract fundraiser and donor participation to the max.
CauseVox’s Giving Day Power Hour
  • Leaderboard: If you’re looking to showcase your peer-to-peer fundraisers, teams and organizations, a general leaderboard will do the trick. Leaderboards display the page’s media thumbnail, page title, fundraiser name and profile image, and most importantly,  the funding progress toward their goal. You can filter leaderboards by the top fundraiser’s donation progress, recently joined fundraisers, or alphabetically. 
CauseVox’s Giving Day Leaderboard

💯 Unlock Modern Fundraising with CauseVox

If you’re running a giving day for your organization, or planning a giving day to support local charities, CauseVox can make your next event a success with a tailored donor and supporter experience. Let’s partner together to make your vision a reality.

To learn more about using CauseVox for your giving day, check out our pre-recorded demo or book a live 1-1 demo.

For access to the new Site Editor or if you have additional questions, contact us at

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