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Generations of Generosity: Insights from the 2023 CauseVox Giving Study

Charitable giving took an unexpected dip of 10.5% in 2022.

But was this trend uniform across all donor categories? Do Gen Z, the digital natives, give the same way as the Baby Boomers? And what about those high-flyers with deeper pockets?

Dive into our 2023 CauseVox Giving Study to unveil the distinct giving behaviors of different generations and the habits of high-earning donors.

Download the CauseVox 2023 Giving Study Whitepaper:

In this free download you’ll gain insights into:

  • Generational Giving Gaps: How does Gen Z’s giving behavior stack against the tried and true habits of Boomers?
  • High-Earner Philanthropy: Discover what motivates the affluent to open their wallets and how you can tap into this.
  • Digital Vs. Traditional: While Gen Z might prefer a mobile wallet, are Boomers still writing checks? Get the lowdown on the latest giving trends.
  • Trust in Tales: Learn how storytelling, from real-life testimonials to impactful narratives, influences donor engagement across ages.
  • Crafting Tailored Donor Experiences: Strategies to resonate with different demographics, combining efficiency and personal touch.
  • Engaging Beyond Money: Why modern donors, regardless of age or income, crave a deeper connection with the causes they support.

The landscape of philanthropy is diverse and evolving. With shifts in economic climates and donor preferences, it’s imperative to understand and adapt. Download our whitepaper and equip yourself with the knowledge to appeal to every donor, from the Boomer to the Zoomer, and the high-earner in between.

Secure your copy now and set your nonprofit on a trajectory of success in this diverse era of giving!

Download the CauseVox 2023 Giving Study Whitepaper:

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