On-Demand: How to Create a Fundraising Plan For 2021

Our most popular course is back! Get ready to chart your 2021 fundraising success with our Fundraising Plan Course.

It’s no surprise that 2020 threw your nonprofits’ fundraising plans off.

But – after helping thousands of organizations navigate meeting their fundraising needs this year, we’ve learned firsthand how nonprofits can meet their needs in today’s landscape.

As we head into 2021 – you need a strong fundraising plan now more than ever to know where you’re going, and to keep you on that track.

The best fundraising plans are ones that are organized, actionable and tell a complete story of how you’re going to achieve your goals. Most of all, your fundraising plan helps you prioritize. 

But planning for the new year isn’t just about brainstorming. You must apply strategic planning, knowledge of your donor base, and a forward-thinking approach to fundraising to create an attainable, yet ambitious plan designed to succeed in today’s context.

Through this course, we demystify the planning process and help you craft a fundraising plan that you can rally your team around.

In this three-part training course, you’ll come away with a deep knowledge of:

  • Creating a comprehensive 12-month fundraising plan that yields results.
  • Proven digital fundraising approaches and opportunities to integrate those into your fundraising plan.
  • Tracking and measuring fundraising performance throughout the year.

This course is delivered in two 60-minute live webinar classes and one optional 1-1 coaching session. You can also view each recorded class anytime afterward.

This course is available on an ongoing basis on-demand. The class recordings + slides will be delivered upon registration.

Paid access this course includes:

  • Access to slides + recordings of the two class sessions
  • Fundraising Plan Guide (PDF)
  • Fundraising Plan Template (Spreadsheet)
  • 1-1 consultation with fundraising coach
  • CauseVox Basic Plan to run your 2021 digital fundraising at no cost.

Registration for the on-demand course is ongoing! Register now for only $115.

Interested in registering? Take this course by registering to the left or bottom.

Here’s what people have been saying about our content:

“These classes were very informative and provided actual action steps to take in order to set goals and a 2020 plan.” – 2020 Fundraising Plan Course Registrant

“Candace is very helpful! The fundraising template is useful for an NGO like us. Thank you for creating this online course.” – 2020 Fundraising Plan Course Registrant

“THANK YOU for all you do, especially the free and affordable resources. I made use of tons of them this year after I learned about you guys.” – CauseVox Subscriber


Who is this course for?

This course is for startup, small, and medium-sized nonprofits that don’t have a strong fundraising process or plan. If you have a project you want to fund or program to expand but don’t know how, this fundraising plan course is for you. 

We take you through best practices as well as a structure towards creating a fundraising plan.

Do I need to use CauseVox for this course?

No! This is a platform-agnostic course, so you can use your existing fundraising tools (donate button, etc). We offer the CauseVox Basic Plan for free though if need a platform for fundraising in 2021.

How much does this fundraising plan course cost?

This course is $115 and is available on an ongoing basis on-demand. The class recordings + slides will be delivered upon registration.

Where do I do the course?

The first two parts of the course series is delivered through a live webinar format via Zoom. You can access the webinars from any computer or smartphone with internet access. Each session is about 60 minutes.

The third part of your course is the 1-1 consultation, which will be conducted over a video conference call, scheduled at your convenience.

When does this course start?

The class recordings + slides will be delivered upon registration and can be watched at any time on-demand.

How do I sign up?

This course is open for ongoing registration. Sign up via the “Register Now” box to the left or below. You will be billed immediately and the course resources will be sent to you via email.

I have questions. Can you help?

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about this course.

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