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Product Update: New Donation Form PayPal Integration + Customizations

At CauseVox, we challenge the status quo with best-in-class forms that shape the future of fundraising. We want to see you succeed and to give your donors the best giving experience, so we added some serious upgrades to our donation form!

Our new, all-in-one donation form has everything you need to run robust fundraising in the easiest way possible on your website and on your CauseVox fundraising sites.

Let’s walk through our new donation form enhancements to see how they’ll help you have happier donors and convert more donations.

New Donation Form Enhancements

Pledge Now, Pay Later

Pledge Now, Pay Later (aka PNPL) is the state-of-the-art donation model that allows donors to select or enter a dollar amount and commit to completing the gift through several automatic monthly or annual installed payments.

Sigma Chi at the University of Florida Pledge Now, Pay Later Form

This “buy now, pay later” model is a preferred donation type among nonprofits and donors. Here’s why:

  • Increase gift size and frequency. Donors can pledge a large gift and pay it in smaller amounts over time.
  • Automatically fulfill pledge installments. Donors can “set it and forget it”, plus you don’t have to go knocking on doors for pledge payments. Win-win!
  • Flexible payment schedules. Donors can select their preferred monthly or annual payment schedule to meet budgetary needs while helping you receive predictable revenue for more sustainable growth.
  • Acquire younger donors. Millennials and Gen Zers especially prefer PNPL options, so you can boost your popularity among the next gen.

Flexible Giving

Revolutionize your fundraising by providing your donors with more options. Offer up to three donation frequencies per form: one-time, monthly recurring, and Pledge Now, Pay Later.


Everyone wants to feel in control of their spending, and this is a great way to give your donor more freedom and autonomy.

You can use one, two, or even all three donation types at one time. In your settings, simply default the donation type you’d like to be automatically selected when the donor opens the form.

With online giving at an all-time high, it’s crucial to incorporate more donation options to encourage your donors’ online giving. Use flexible giving to:

  • Allow donors to give in many ways.
  • Mix and match options with one-time, monthly recurring, and PNPL or have one option for specific campaigns.

Flexible Payment With New PayPal Integration

Previously, our payment processors were campaign specific meaning you could only connect either Stripe OR PayPal to one form. Our new PayPal integration allows you to connect both of these payment processors to one form allowing you to use PayPal as a primary or secondary processor alternative to Stripe for one-time donations.


The new donation form gives your donors access to more choices for the fastest transaction. Use flexible payments to:

  • Allow donors to pay in many ways.
  • Display up to three mobile wallet options per form: credit card and Apple/Google Pay for all gifts (one-time, monthly recurring and PNPL), and PayPal for one-time gifts.
  • Access a new, streamlined connection process between CauseVox and PayPal. It’s easy to connect and has a stronger, more reliable connection!

New Donation Form And Receipt Styling

In addition to donor payment options, we’ve given a full makeover to our donation form design and customizations. Our streamlined, two-page form has clean, easy-to-read donation buttons, and form fields.

It’s so important to maintain the look and feel of your organization throughout the donation process, so we’ve added more customizations:

  • Add a title and subtitle to your embeddable forms.
  • Change the font style. Choose between a serif or sans serif font.
  • Change the accent and button color to your organization’s hex colors.

We also upgraded our donation receipt styling. Now your automated donation receipts display the transaction information in a clean, easy-to-read table format.

Use our new donation form and receipt styling to:

  • Have more control over donation form language and donor experience.
  • Enjoy a white-label website integration. The embedded form will seamlessly fit into your existing page design!
  • Use your own hex colors and font choice to closely match your brand.

How Do I Access The New Form?

If you’ve signed up for CauseVox in March 2022, your forms are already up to date with all of the new enhancements. For existing users prior to March 2022, any new forms created after March 1, 2022 will default to the new, enhanced version.

If you are an existing customer currently using the old version of our form, you can email to request your form be switched to the new version.

Interested in learning more about the new settings? Check out our support center for information on setting up Pledge Now, Pay Later,  donation frequencies, PayPal integration and donation form design.

Transform Your Fundraising On CauseVox

CauseVox is here to help you optimize for larger gifts and lasting donor relationships. Ensure your fundraising dreams become realities with our new donation form.

Book a demo to learn more about the benefits of the new CauseVox donation form and how it can help your organization reach its funding goals this year and beyond.

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