Sneak Preview: Sell Tickets For Your Fundraising Event With Integrated Ticketing

Candace Cody
Candace Cody

Whether you’re running a virtual, hybrid, or in-person fundraising event, you’re probably familiar with the Frankenstein effect: your donors give on one page, sign up to fundraise on another, buy a ticket on another platform, and have to attend your virtual event elsewhere. 

It’s a monster to manage, and downright confusing for your supporters.

The result? You have less people attending your event + money is left on the table.

But with the upcoming release of CauseVox Integrated Ticketing, you’re able to create the best experience for you and your supporters with an all-in-one solution.

Here’s a look at the new Integrated Ticketing process.

We’re excited to be releasing ticketing in the next few weeks. Want to be the first to get access to ticketing?

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Here’s a closer look at the ways you can benefit from CauseVox Integrated Ticketing:

Sell More Tickets + Get More Attendees With A Streamlined Ticketing Process

The reality is, if your supporters are confused about how they can make a donation or purchase a ticket, they’re just going to close the window – and unfortunately, they’re unlikely to come back.

That’s why we’ve designed CauseVox Integrated Ticketing to be as easy as possible for your experience.

  • Our Ticketing forms have been enhanced for 75% faster loading, making a purchase faster and easier.
  • Easily purchase a single ticket or multiple tickets across different ticket prices + use a promo code (if you have one!)
  • Mobile-optimized ticketing forms that make it easy for supporters to purchase a ticket on and device with a credit card or 1-click mobile payment options like Apple and Google Pay.
  • Gamified animation to improve user experience + simple automatic purchase receipts sent right to their email
  • Automatically send ticket confirmations to ticket holders (when your supporters purchase tickets for their friends and family.)

With all these advanced features, you’ll ensure that you increase your ticket sales + get more event attendees with less hassle.

Easy Integrated Setup + Customization To Fit Your Unique Event Needs

Up until now, you’ve had to wrangle different software together to meet all your unique event needs: live streaming donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and ticketing.

This has been a huge waste of time: Not only have you had to learn how to use multiple digital tools, it also makes management difficult – and it’s a nightmare to reconcile all the data after the fact.

Now, with Integrated Ticketing on CauseVox, you get your time back. With the new ticketing feature, you’re empowered to:

  • Easily set up one page where you can live stream, take donations, recruit peer-to-peer fundraisers, and sell tickets or take registrations.
  • Create customized ticketing tiers that fit your event pricing needs + choose to accept multiple ticket purchases.
  • Set up promo codes to meet your particular event needs.
  • Branded forms to create the best look and feel for your nonprofit.
  • Custom content on forms, such as a title and subtitle.
  • Easily embed the ticketing forms on your website or landing page by simply copy-and-pasting the form embed code.

Simply Sell Tickets With Standalone Ticketing Pages

Don’t need a whole campaign site? You’ll be able to create a standalone form to simplify your ticket sales.

Easily spin up a branded page hosted on CauseVox to point your supporter to via a link on your website or in an email, or embed your ticketing form on your website directly!

With all this new ticketing functionality, you’ll be able to create a customized fundraising event that fits your needs perfectly.

Save Time + Effort With Easy Management + Reporting For Your Event

We’ve all been there – you get to the end of an event, and now you have to reconcile your data with your donor management system (or at least keep it all in an excel file).

But, when you’re using a handful of different software to run your event, this gets really complicated, really fast.

With CauseVox Integrated Ticketing, we make it easy. You can:

  • Manage your event with one reporting interface to track ticket orders, donations, and peer to peer fundraising all in one place.
  • Easily view and manage ticket purchases from within your CauseVox account.
  • Access one list of all event attendees (ticket holders) + their email addresses, making it easy to see whose coming + send additional email communications around the event.
  • Simple exports so you can easily access the data you need.
  • Receive automatic email notifications whenever a ticket is purchased – making it quick and easy for you to see activity + sales.

With CauseVox Integrated Ticketing, it’s never been easier to setup and manage a fundraising event.

Want Early Access To CauseVox Integrated Ticketing?

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Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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