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Customizable Pledge Form Templates

One of the key components of successful fundraising is an accessible pledge form that allows donors to select their level of giving. It can be time consuming to create new forms for new and even existing campaigns, so we’ve done the work for you.

What are pledge forms?

A pledge form is a physical or digital pre-formatted document that an organization uses to simplify the donation process. In addition to capturing the donor’s contact and payment information, pledge forms allow donors to commit to donating a certain amount across a defined period of time. Pledge forms can even be considered good faith contracts, though in most states they are legally binding.

Pledges vs. Donations

The words pledge and donate may be used synonymously, but it’s important to understand the difference. A pledge is the intention to donate, while a donation is the actual gift given to the organization.

When to use pledge forms

The most important part of leveraging pledge forms is knowing when to use them.

Fundraising Campaigns

Pledge forms can be especially useful when fundraising for a certain event or program. Generally, donors like to know where their money will be going and how their gift will impact the organization.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Pledge forms can be easily distributed to the community through peer-to-peer fundraising. Though most peer-to-peer fundraising is done online, there are some people who prefer a physical form. Peer fundraisers can give pledge forms to people in their network in order to encourage recurring donations.

Donor Engagement

Pledge forms are a great way to continuously engage long time supporters. Making a pledge ensures that they will continue to impact the work at your organization.

Ready to have your own customized pledge form?

Download our free customizable pledge form templates below:

In your download, you will see there are 9 templates for you to choose from. Feel free to edit and run with them any way you like and use your customized forms to collect pledges from donors at meetings and events!

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