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CauseVox Product Update: Fundraising CRM, Insights Dashboard, Secure Custom Domains, + More

With the summer coming to a close, change is in the air. Book bags are packed, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte has made its seasonal debut, and soon the leaves will start changing their colors.

And we’re excited to announce some big changes on CauseVox as well.

We’ve launched our new Fundraising CRM and Insights Dashboard that will provide invaluable insights into your community, helping you power year-end fundraising and year-round fundraising alike.

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Introducing Our Fundraising CRM


The CauseVox Fundraising CRM is a centralized CRM that provides everything you need to easily organize, track, and grow relationships with your community of supporters and fundraisers.

Eliminate unnecessary spreadsheets and back-office tasks as CauseVox tracks and logs supporter engagement automatically — whether they give through your donation page, create a personal fundraising page, or donate to your annual campaign.

Get to know your supporters through personal profiles that centralize and track donations, fundraising activities, and engagement in real-time. Quickly see the data you need to personalize communication, identify opportunities, and activate and rally your supporters.

Price: Included at no additional cost

The Fundraising CRM is included with any paid plan, and you’ll see it added to your account automatically. Login to view your CRM.

For more information, view our article on How The Fundraising CRM Works.

Insights Dashboard: Easily Track Your Fundraising Performance


A real-time dashboard to visualize and monitor your fundraising performance and track the growth of your community.

See all your fundraising metrics in one place, spot trends, and identify opportunities to take action on. Track individual campaign performance, personal fundraisers, donation pages, and recurring donors with ease.

Share your fundraising results and growth with your entire team and board in one easy-to-understand snapshot. Uncover the data you need to make decisions that will help you grow.

Price: Included at no additional cost 

The Insights Dashboard is included with any paid plan, and you’ll see it added to your account automatically. Login to view your Insights. For more information, view our article on How The Insights Dashboard Works.

SSL Now Available On Custom Domains

Online security helps you build more trust and loyalty with your donors.

While we’ve always ensured our donation form is secured, the addition of the SSL on your custom domain ensures all activity on your site is secure.


Price: Included at no additional cost

As part of our Standard plan, you can add a SSL-secured custom domain at no cost to you on CauseVox.

If you’re currently using a custom domain, here’s what you’ll need to do to update it to the secure domain.

If you’re interested in setting up a new custom domain, here’s how you can set up the SSL secure domain.

Join Us For Our Webinar on September 12: The All New CauseVox Fundraising CRM & Insights Dashboard

Join Rob Wu, CauseVox’s CEO and Co-Founder, on September 12 at 3 pm EST to learn about the new CauseVox Fundraising CRM.

You’ll also see exactly how you can use CauseVox’s fundraising platform to easily manage relationships with your supporters and create personalized fundraising sites, peer-to-peer campaigns, and donation pages, all in one place.

Save Your Seat

We look forward to releasing even more features and content that can help your nonprofit grow. We’ll keep you updated on everything with our Product Updates!

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