Product Update: CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later Helps You Get More Large Gifts

Candace Cody
Candace Cody

At CauseVox, we feel that the tools you use to fundraise online should do 2 basic things: help you raise more and make your job simpler.

In recent years, pledges have fallen out of fashion: it’s not how today’s donors give, and it’s difficult for fundraisers to track and manage fulfillment.

Today, this all changes. CauseVox has launched Pledge Now, Pay Later: a state-of-the-art digital pledge form that’s designed to help you get more pledges online, automatically fulfill them, and make today’s donors happy.

With Pledge Now, Pay Later (PNPL), pledges will never be the same! Here’s a look at how your nonprofit can benefit from the new PNPL forms on CauseVox:

Pledge Now, Pay Later Forms Help You Increase Gift Size


With PNPL, any donor can become a major donor for your nonprofit, because donors are able to break out larger gifts into installed payments over a period of time.

When you ask your average donor for a $1000 donation, it’s a big commitment on the spot. But, if you ask someone to give $1000 over the course of a year, you’re really just asking them for $80 a month. That way, large gifts become approachable.

PNPL allows you to get larger amounts in a flexible way that works for your donors.

Here’s how PNPL works:

  • Your donors can select a pledge tier or enter in their own custom pledge amount
  • Donors can set their own period of installed payments, choosing between monthly or annually
  • The first installment will be billed immediately, and future installments based on the customized schedule your donor selected.
  • Your donors will get an automatic email upon completing each installment with an update towards their total pledge and a secure link to manage their payments.

With PNPL, even your biggest asks become easy.

Want more info? Watch the webinar, Get More Pledges With The*New* CauseVox PNPL on-demand.

Check out our article with best practices on how your can get more donation pledges for your nonprofit.

Automatic Fulfillment Makes It Easier For You + Your Donors


Historically, donation pledges were a hassle to manage: you had to keep following up with donor to make sure that they fulfill their pledges, while sticking to their timeline.

PNPL is just that: an automatic process that makes pledges easy, with no manual processes required.

PNPL makes it easy for you by automatically charging pledge installments + sending donation receipts. Plus, you’ll be able to easily manage your pledges on the backend and keep track of pledge fulfillment progress.

PNPL help you generate reliable revenue that you can count on coming in each month automatically, and gives your time back. Now, you’re empowered to invest more time into growing relationships with your donors.

This automatic process doesn’t just help you: automatic fulfillment takes the work off of your donor’s hands, making pledges easier for them to fulfill than ever before.

The result? You get more fulfilled pledges, without the hassle.

Installed Payments Give Your Donors The Power


With the new Auto-Pledge forms, you put the power in your donor’s hands to choose the best payment plan for them with installments.

Donors can choose to break larger gifts into monthly payments over 12, 24, 36, or 48 months, or commit to giving their specified amount annually for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years.

Installments give your donors the best, most customized experience to fit their budget and their preferences, so they can plan their giving easily. This way. As result, you’ll see:

  • Increased donor retention with annual gifts, making it easy for you can keep your donors year after year.
  • Increased donor happiness: your donors can commit to a gift now and pay later. It’s never been easier to pledge a gift!

Not only can you increase gift sizes, but make your donors happy + equip them to easily stick around for the long run.

PNPL Opens Up New Opportunities For Fundraising


With PNPL, you’ll be able to expand your digital fundraising like never before. PNPL helps you:

  • Expand financing opportunities: With funds already committed, you’ll be able to prove backing for capital initiatives so you can qualify for more loans, grants, and more.
  • Amplify your reach + raise more through peer-to-peer fundraisers: You’re able to incorporate PNPL into your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, helping you source more pledges from a wider audience than ever before.
  • Auto-renew annual memberships: Have an annual membership fee? You can easily use the PNPL to automatically renew memberships for up to 5 years.
  • + so much more

PNPL opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your fundraising, helping you generate fundraising growth in new ways you never imagined.

Raise More With Pledge Now, Pay Later On CauseVox

We’re so excited to provide a new PNPL to help your nonprofit easily get more + higher donation pledges online.

Want to explore for yourself? Start your free 14-day trial, no credit card required + email us at to unlock the new PNPL feature.

Or, watch our webinar, Get More Pledges With The*New* CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later on demand.

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