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Optimize Your Fundraising With The CauseVox Fundraising CRM

Donation data hasn’t historically been easy to manage.

You’re likely using one software for your online fundraising campaigns, another for your donation page, another for your events, and realistically, many many more.

Then, you have to get all this information into yet another software for donor management.

You’re often left spending a good chunk of your time reconciling donation data and wrangling clunky databases, taking up valuable time you could be using to grow your relationships with your donors (and thereby grow your fundraising).

CauseVox helps you easily grow and manage your fundraising better than any other way.

Optimize your fundraising with CauseVox. Here’s a few best practices to help you make the most of the CauseVox Fundraising CRM to help you grow.

Keep All Your Fundraising In One Place

Import Your Contacts

The first step to helping you streamline your fundraising is to be able to view all your donors, fundraisers, subscribers, and more in one place so you can begin to track and manage your community.

We’ve made it easy for you to import contacts into the CauseVox CRM.

Once your contacts are imported, any future actions your contact takes will be recorded automatically, whether they make a donation, sign up to fundraise, or more.

As your contacts increase their activity with your organization, having their contact record and their actions recorded automatically saves you hours and hours of time each week. No more manually tracking data or inputting data in your clunky donor database.

Run Your Fundraising On CauseVox

We know your online fundraising needs vary, which is why we’ve worked to provide a product that can meet any of your fundraising needs.

Whether you’re looking to boost your recurring giving, enhance your donation page, engage your community to fundraise, run a peer-to-peer event, or more, you can use CauseVox all year round to optimize your fundraising.

Here’s a few key fundraising opportunities you can accomplish with CauseVox:

Take donations right on your website with embeddable Donation Pages.

We’ve looked at a lot of nonprofit’s websites, especially their donation page.

And unfortunately, many nonprofits today tend to have outdated pages, clunky forms, or an unbranded Paypal button that provide a poor donor experience- hindering the amount of donations they can receive.

But you can raise more through your website with embeddable Donation Pages.


Embedding a donation page on your website helps you raise more funds through an easy donor experience and increase dollars raised through higher conversion.

With customized branding on your donation page, you can easily create a look and feel that seamlessly fits with your website while also earning the trust of your donors.

Donors have the ability to easily make their donation recurring, or you can even default your donation page to recurring to help increase your monthly donor base and retain donors.

Donation pages are mobile optimized, helping you easily accept donations from the 50% of people that navigate to your website on their phone or tablet.

Each donation is automatically tracked in your CauseVox account, making it easy for your to pull reports and keep track of your donor history in your Fundraising CRM. This empowers you to get to know your donors and easily track all donor activity, saving you hours of time each week.

Charge event registration fees for peer-to-peer campaigns, like for a walk or run.


We’ve added in Peer-to-Peer Registration, which is perfect for charging a fee for participating in a fundraising event or challenge, helping you cover the bottom line for event costs.

This is perfect for:

  • Walks and Races
  • Competitions (ie. board game competition, trivia night, dragonboat races, etc.)
  • Challenges (ie: climbs, no-shave challenges, create your own personal challenge, etc)
  • Individual participation events (ie. mission trips, sleepout for homelessness awareness, meal skipping for hunger, etc)
  • +more!

Peer-to-Peer Registration helps your supporters to easily pay their registration fee and create their fundraising page all in one go, minimizing confusion and helping you seamlessly run your event.

Having a clear list of registrants in your CauseVox Fundraising CRM will not only help you keep your event organized this year, but also help you identify opportunities for participants in future events.

Run Long-Term Campaigns

Innovation: Africa Birthday (Peer-to-Peer) Campaign

While campaigns are often associated with giving days (ie. GivingTuesday) and short fundraising sprints, the opportunities long-term fundraising presents are often overlooked.

Long term fundraising campaigns are essential to building your fundraising community all year long.

Long term campaigns looks like:

  • Birthday campaigns
  • Create your own challenge campaigns (aka DIY Fundraising)
  • Recurring giving campaigns
  • Annual program fundraising

These campaigns often don’t have an end date, because they’re driven by your community’s rolling participation throughout the year.

With long term campaigns, you’re empowered to engage your community in fundraising throughout the year, retaining your strongest supporters and helping you grow your fundraising in 2019 and beyond.

This kind of open invitation to fundraise is a sure-fire way to automate your fundraising, as your community can continue to engage with your campaign and allow it to gain momentum over time.

With all your activity tracked in the Fundraising CRM, you can literally see your community grow throughout the year, and use your data to target individuals who may be key to joining in your long term fundraising efforts.

When you can run all your fundraising in one place, you not only take the burden of reconciling these lists off your shoulders, but also help yourself manage and grow your community using data that’s automatically tracked for you.

Make The Most Of The Fundraising CRM


So what happens when your contacts are easily tracked in one place?

Let’s take a look at the data you can glean from your community, and what actionable steps you can take to make the most of it.

Segment Your Audience With Groups

On your “Community” page, we display your contacts and arrange them into unique groups, helping you easily sort and segment your audience, and get keen insight into your community.

Your contacts are automatically sorted into five groups:

  • All
  • Donor
  • Fundraiser
  • Recurring
  • Subscriber

To make groups most effective and applicable for you, you can create custom groups to help you better segment your audience according to your needs. You may want to create groups for board members, volunteers, major donors, and more.

With these filters, you can easily track the groups of supporters based on dates of activity and the action they took. This way, you can activate your community to get involved in your latest fundraising efforts, giving you the tools you need to you personalize your communications, strengthen relationship with your supporters, and help you raise more.

View Key Data In Contact Profiles

Anytime a contact takes action on one of your CauseVox campaigns or donation pages, it’s recorded in their Contact Profile.

The profile pages centralize and track donations, fundraising activities, and engagement in real-time, helping you get to know your supporters.

With advanced insight into who your supporters are, you’re able to tailor your messaging so it’s specifically designed to speak to donors and fundraisers — helping them at once to feel seen as well as providing appropriate asks, helping you grow your fundraising effectiveness.

When you access a contact’s profile, you can see data including:

  • Contact name
  • Contact address
  • Contact group: Donor, Fundraiser, Recurring, Subscriber, Registrant
  • Total amount raised
  • Total amount donated
  • Number of fundraising pages
  • Number of teams joined
  • Number of donations raised
  • Number of donations made
  • Number of updates
  • Recurring donation amount
  • +more

In the contact’s activity feed, you can see all recent activity including:

  • New donations
  • New personal fundraising pages created
  • Donations made to a personal fundraising page
  • Recent updates to a personal fundraising page
  • New blog post updates

Notes To Track Offline Information

We know that not every interaction your community has with you will be online, and for these cases we’ve made it easy to keep everything tracked in your Fundraising CRM with notes.

With each interaction you have with your donors tracked all in one place, it’s easy for you to streamline your processes and manage your fundraising.

You no longer need to track down your colleague to ask what your major donor, Gerald, said on the phone the other day — it’s all tracked right on his profile. Not only does this save you time, and potential headaches with miscommunication, it helps you streamline communications and and makes it easy for you to delight your donors with each interaction.


A few things you may want to note are:

  • Significant dates for them, like birthdays and anniversaries
  • In-kind donations
  • Reasons why they have cancelled a recurring donation, didn’t fundraise, etc
  • Interactions you have with the contact outside of CauseVox (contents of emails, phone calls, or in person conversations)

Using notes will help you better understand your existing relationships with each of your supporters, equipping you to reach out with the right messaging and ask, to help you grow your fundraising.

Actionable Steps Based On Data To Help You Grow

While the data you’ll be able to track with the Fundraising CRM is a lot of information to take in, there’s simple applications you can use this information to help you target your community with the right ask.

A few ideas on how you can use this information are:

  • Find donors who gave to previous campaigns and ask them to donate to your new one
  • Find fundraisers who fundraised on previous campaigns and ask them to fundraise on your new campaign
  • Asking fundraisers who are not donors to make a donation
  • Asking donors who have donated more than once to become recurring donor
  • Asking donors who have donated multiple times to fundraise on your behalf
  • Reaching out to fundraisers who have not raised funds to check in and provide resources for fundraising if needed
  • Request that Subscribers follow you on social media
  • For fundraisers that have raised a large amount or raised funds multiple times, you may want to ask that they form a team and recruit others to fundraise
  • +so much more!

The key value you’ll see from the Fundraising CRM is when you use donor data to take actionable steps to grow your audience.

Fundraising Backed By Data Helps You Flourish

A centralized Fundraising CRM provides everything you need to easily organize, track, and grow relationships with your community of supporters and fundraisers.

Eliminate unnecessary spreadsheets and back-office tasks as CauseVox tracks and logs supporter engagement automatically — whether they give through your donation page, create a personal fundraising page, or donate to your annual campaign.

With so much information from your community at your disposal, you’re empowered to fundraise based on practical data, all the while increasing your productivity, and making it easier for you and your team to fundraise.

The best part is the Fundraising CRM’s value increases the more you fundraise, helping you build your community and develop strong relationships with your donors for the long term.

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