[Webinar] Do a SWOT Analysis for Clear Goals and Killer Content

We learned important personal and professional lessons through the trials and sprints of the last two years: resiliency, the importance and interdependence of our personal and community safety nets, our boundaries, and awareness of our respective privileges and challenges. Taking time to reflect on our progress and missteps will help us navigate through challenges more quickly and effectively. It can be hard to take the time to do this and can be uncomfortable to face some truths, but it’s a critical way to develop self-awareness, a stronger organizational culture, and leadership across teams.

A SWOT Analysis- where you identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats- can help you uncover:

  • You and your team’s priorities
  • Program wins and stories to share
  • Greater understanding of your organization’s health.

Jessica Scheer, a nonprofit fundraising and management consultant, will share some of the ways that you and your organization can leverage this exercise for stronger management, professional growth, and communications.

About your Speaker

Jessica Scheer supports social sector organizations with strategic development and management support so they can meet the present and future needs of their causes and communities. She has helped organizations raise millions of dollars and increase their impact. She has been an Executive Director, COO and CFO at nonprofits who are leaders in their issue areas such as the National Eating Disorders Association, EB Research Partnership, and DoSomething.org.

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