Product Update: Elevate Your Branding with CauseVox’s New Site Editor

Jenna Notarfrancesco
Jenna Notarfrancesco

Establishing a strong, branded online presence has become increasingly vital for nonprofit fundraising. In our recent CauseVox Giving Study, it revealed that donors are 75% more inclined to contribute through a donation page that not only carries the organization’s unique brand but is also thoughtfully customized. Even more compelling is that these donors are 45% more likely to sustain their contributions for five years or more, showcasing the long-term impact of a well-crafted online identity.

Branded donation pages can dramatically increase fundraising results, yet not every nonprofit has the budget, time, or technical know-how to create an eye-catching digital presence for their fundraising.

CauseVox’s New Site Editor empowers you to craft your perfect page without any design or tech experience and leverage the power of your storytelling in fundraising. Let’s dive into the benefits and features that this editor brings to the table.

🚀 The Power of the CauseVox Site Editor

The Site Editor is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to easily layout and design your fundraising sites. You can create unique fundraising sites, maintain brand consistency, and engage donors in real-time, all while offering multiple payment and donation options. It’s your gateway to a dynamic, modern, and donor-centric fundraising journey.

Moreover, the editor eliminates the need for multiple tools or code editing with seamless fundraising integration. Incorporating donation, event ticketing, and peer-to-peer fundraising forms into your fundraising site is as easy as dragging and dropping.


Tailored Fundraising Sites

Your storytelling and fundraising potential rely heavily on your ability to creatively tell your story online. Typical donation pages and fundraising websites feature clunky generic page templates with non-existent branding capabilities. This makes it difficult to showcase your brand and story to inspire donors.

Create a site that’s full featured and unmistakably yours, even if it’s your first time. From program details and sponsor walls to donor listings, mix and match to create a fundraising experience that’s as unique as your mission. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose the elements you’d like to have on your page. These elements are available as modules.
  2. Decide the order in which these modules should appear on your page.
  3. Personalize each module according to your needs. You have the freedom to modify how they function and to provide the specific content you want them to display.

And that’s it! By following these steps, you can easily create a customized fundraising site or donation page without the need for any specialized tech skills.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of Site Modules.

1. Example Site Modules

Each module is a unique, customizable template containing any combination of design elements such as: text, videos, graphics, donation or ticket forms, CTA buttons, progress bars, and site metrics.

  • Hero Module: Showcases media, campaign stats and CTA buttons, such as the Donate Button, Ticket Button, Peer-to-peer Sign Up, and Social Media Share Button.
  • About Module: A flexible section with one main section for text, graphics and videos, and a sidebar section.
  • Single and Two-Column Content Modules: Flexible sections for text, graphics and videos.
  • Peer-to-Peer Pages Module: A peer-to-peer leaderboard section showcasing all your personal, team and organization fundraising pages with funding progress and custom filtering capability.
  • Posts Module: Displays the recent campaign site, personal page and team page posts and updates.
  • Donations Module: A donation wall of all recent donations with custom filtering capability.

They can be easily arranged and tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to craft a unique and visually stunning fundraising page. The true beauty of design modules lies in their versatility; they empower you to unleash your creativity while maintaining a cohesive and professional look, ensuring your fundraising content tells a compelling story that engages your audience effectively.

2. Drag and Drop, No Coding

Whether you’re creating a fundraising site for a peer-to-peer campaign, event fundraising, or even creating a hosted or embedded donation page, the CauseVox Site Editor helps you build your dream site with complete flexibility.

Effortlessly build and customize your pages by dragging and dropping modules to change the order of page elements. You can add images, videos, text and forms to better engage with your supporters, donors, and volunteers.


3. Rich Storytelling, Fast

Engage donors with captivating imagery, videos, and testimonials, all optimized for lightning-quick load times on mobile and desktop. Your stories are your strength, and with the intuitive design editor, you can creatively weave compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. Mix and match modules to create captivating pages that precisely communicate your mission, vision and impact.

4. Custom Pages

Want to go deeper? Create custom, stand alone pages for some in-depth storytelling. By creating dedicated pages like ‘About Us’ and ‘FAQ,’ you can provide your audience with essential information and establish a strong online presence. Tailor your content, share your mission, and answer common questions, all while giving your fundraising site a professional touch. Let your static pages be the foundation of your digital narrative.


5. Pixel-Perfect Branding

Brand recognition is the first step to building trust among supporters. Craft your pages to be a true extension of your organization. Every element, from typography to imagery, aligned completely with your organization’s identity and message. This level of customization ensures that your fundraising site or donation page is not just a digital space but a true representation of your nonprofit’s mission and values.


6. Flexible Layouts

Your nonprofit is unique, and your fundraising page should reflect that. Tailor your site’s layout to tell your organization’s story in a way that captivates your audience. Whether you’re showcasing your latest success stories, sharing your mission’s impact, or highlighting upcoming events, create an attention-grabbing design with ease.

💸 Empowered Fundraising

The Site Editor’s robust fundraising features help make donors excited to give and can take your campaigns to the next level. Keep donors engaged in real-time and showcase fundraising activity with dynamic progress bars, countdown clocks, counters, badges, and leaderboards.


1. Adaptable Donation Choices

Go beyond rigid one-size-fits-all donation forms, and offer donors a spectrum of options within each customizable donation form—whether one-time gifts, monthly contributions, or pledges. Build forms to exactly fit your organization’s needs and your donors’ preferences. Whether they’re making a one-time contribution or committing to ongoing support, the CauseVox form makes donating simple and convenient.

2. Modern Payment Options

Increase completed donations by accepting multiple donation options. We know that 81% of high-earners look for a streamline donation experience, especially when processing recurring and pledge gifts. Ensure donors find their preferred way to pay with unparalleled ease, through credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and ACH.


3. Event Ticketing Forms

Hosting events is a popular way to engage with your supporters. With the CauseVox Site Editor, you can create visually engaging and integrated event ticketing forms. This makes it effortless for participants to buy tickets and register, donate and fundraise all on one site.

4. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Expand your reach and extend your brand message to new donors by embracing peer-to-peer fundraising. Empower your supporters to become advocates for your cause, and watch as your fundraising efforts multiply.

⚙️ How It Works

The CauseVox Site Editor is powered by an intuitive interface that allows you to make changes to your site quickly. Our user-friendly editor ensures that you don’t need any technical experience to manage your fundraising sites and donation pages effectively. Simply turn on and off settings, upload media, paste in your hex colors and content, rearrange modules and preview all changes in real time.

💯 Unlock Modern Fundraising with CauseVox

Need a tailored design, layout, leaderboard, registration flow, or other unique features? Let’s partner together to make your vision a reality.

To learn more about switching to CauseVox, check out our pre-recorded demo or book a live 1-1 demo.

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