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CauseVox Product Update: Take Donations Everyday With New Donation Pages, Recurring Donation Enhancements, + More

Just like you, we’ve been gearing up for the year-end for the last few months, and now it’s here in full swing!

We’ve been working hard to launch one last round of updates before the end of the year that can help you best execute your year-end fundraising plans and streamline your fundraising in 2018.

With our latest release, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our Donation Pages, so you can easily take donations online everyday!

On top of that, we’ve also made some significant enhancements to recurring donations so you can raise more funds and generate sustainable income.

Find out more about how you can take advantage of Everyday Donation Pages and our recurring donation enhancements to help you raise more this year-end.

You Can Now Take Donations Everyday With Our Everyday Donation Pages

When we talk to our users, we listen carefully to their needs. And something we kept hearing was that many many nonprofits didn’t have donation pages on their website that leverage fundraising best practices..

Whether it was difficult to update and manage, provided a difficult donor experience, or simply didn’t offer impact visibility into their donors, many people we talked to noted that something wasn’t quite right.

So, we went ahead and created Everyday Donation Pages! You can now create a branded, secure, and mobile-ready page in  just a few clicks. We’ve worked to make it simple for anyone, on any device, to donate online in support of your cause.

Here’s five key things you should know about how our donation pages can help you raise more:

1) Donation Pages Are Easily Customized To Your Needs. We’ve put the power back in your hands by making it easy for you to create and update your donation page yourself. You no longer have to rely on your tech team to create and update your donation page!

You can now create a branded, secure, and mobile-ready page in just a few clicks with CauseVox. With all the tools you need to create a donation page, we’ve made it really easy for you to design a page that matches your branding perfectly and select from a ton of settings that can help make the page work the best for your nonprofit.

2) Donation Pages Make Giving Simpler. You can be assured your donors will enjoy a seamless giving experience on your donation page. With our mobile optimized page, donors can give from anywhere, anytime.


Our donation pages even allow you to specify where you’d like the page to redirect to after your donor complete their donation, so you can direct donors to a customized donor thank you page, or just bring them back to your homepage so they can continue exploring more about your organization.

3) Donation Pages Help Streamline Your Data. With the addition of everyday donation pages, CauseVox can solve all your fundraising needs. Without the need to use multiple platforms, you can ensure all your donations come through one place, meaning it makes it easy to quickly access all your data.

Within CauseVox, it’s easy to download donation data anytime to share with your team or simply upload it into your CRM. You can even use our Zapier integration (in beta) to immediately transfer your data across 750+ applications.

You’ll also get notified of every donation instantly and receive daily summary emails so you can easily thank donors in real time and begin cultivating donor relationships right from the beginning.

4) We’ve Made It Easy For You. You focus on rallying support for your cause, and CauseVox will take care of the logistics. We host the pages on our server, ensure your donation page has the highest level of security, send out donation receipts automatically, and keep all your data saved for you. We want to make processing donations everyday as easy as possible.

5) We’ve Made It Really Affordable. The best part is that everyday donation pages are included for FREE with all CauseVox plans and have an extremely low 2% CauseVox transaction fee.

Ready to get started?

For our current users, we’ve helped you start the donation page creation process by dropping a drafted page right into your account. And, if you’ve set up Stripe for donation processing previously, you can now easily select it to start taking donations without any Stripe sign in required.

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Want to learn more about how you can set up your page? Find out How To Create A Donation Page On CauseVox

Our Enhanced Recurring Donations Makes It Even Easier To Raise More, Sustainably

Fundraising campaigns are amazing tools to help quickly fund a particular program or raise a large amount of funds in a small amount of time.

But what about in between campaigns?

It’s always helpful to have sustainable and predictable income — donations that you know are coming in every month. Even better, recurring donors are more likely to be retained, giving you more stability and more opportunities to cultivate donor relationships.

Recurring donations not only help your nonprofit to take donations during your campaigns, but allows you to raise more funds for the long term by effectively turning what could have been a one-time donation into a recurring donor.

Specifically, you can now not only have the option to have recurring donations as an option, but also default donations to be recurring, or even have recurring be mandatory, which is perfect for campaigns or donation pages specifically aimed at gaining recurring donors.


Not only does this come in handy for your campaigns, but you can use it to also boost recurring donations on your everyday donation page as well.

Nothing’s better than setting your organization up now to raise more in 2018! Start off the year with a bang by setting up a recurring giving donation page to help you gain supporters in January and February that will carry over throughout the year.

Ready to make a change?

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Learn more about running a recurring giving campaign on CauseVox.

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We look forward to releasing even more features and content in 2018 that can help you make the most of CauseVox. We’ll keep you updated on everything with our Product Updates!

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