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CauseVox Product Update: Embeddable Donation Pages, Enhanced Donation Page Customizations, + More

With January and February already behind us, 2018 has been flying by so far!

Late last year, we introduced Everyday Donation Pages to help you raise more online all year long through your website, email appeals, and more.

And since then, we’ve heard great feedback from our users that we jumped to put into action, to help you make the most of our online donation pages.

With Spring just around the corner, we’ve pushed some exciting updates that enable you to customize your donation page even more, helping you create a donation page you and your donors will love!

Here’s more about our donation page updates that will help you raise more funds throughout 2018:

You Can Now Embed Your CauseVox EveryDay Donation Page On Your Website

embed donation page example

Now, your customized donation page can easily be integrated with your website using our easy-to-implement embed!

By using the embeddable page, you’ll ensure your donors have a great experience giving online to your organization. Our embeddable donation page provides donors an easy way to give on any device, on a branded, secure form right on your website.

Here are a few key things you should know about how our donation page embed works:

1. It’s Easy To Implement: We provide the code for you to copy and paste onto your website. Don’t have the access to embed it? You can simply email the code using our easy-sharing option.

2. Embed The Donation Page Anywhere: The donation page embed can easily pop up on any page of your website. You can quickly replace your donate button by changing the link to #donate, send donors directly to the donation page in an email by adding #donate to any URL on your site, and even replace image and text links to #donate to trigger the donation popup.

3: It Makes Giving Seamless: Your donors will enjoy a seamless giving experience right on your website, with a branded and customized page that fits your nonprofit’s needs so that you can take one time and recurring donations easily.

4: We Take Care Of The Back Office Tasks: You focus on rallying support for your cause, and CauseVox will take care of the logistics. We host the pages on our server, ensure your donation page has the highest level of security, send out donation receipts automatically, and keep all your data saved for you. We want to make processing donations every day as easy as possible.

5. It’s Free: Great news! The donation page embed is included FREE with any plan, so you can easily implement your donation pages on your website at no extra cost. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to accept donations right on your website.

You can take a closer look at how the embeddable donation page works for yourself by clicking on the Live Example on this page.

Ready to get started?

Our branded, secure, and mobile-ready donation page can easily be added to your website.

Learn how you can embed your donation page.

Want to learn more about how you can set up your page? Find out How To Create A Donation Page On CauseVox

Enhanced Customization Options To Personalize Your Donation Page

We know that the content on your donation page is an important part of connecting with your donors.

So, we’ve added additional customization options to help you personalize your donation form, helping you better connect with your audience.

Here’s where you’re now able to add additional content:

1) Your Donation Page Subtitle


While we automatically put your Donation Page title on the donation page for you, you’re now able to add subtitle text.

Your subtitle text can be used to inspire donors to complete their donation, call them to action, communicate impact, or celebrate donors. However you choose to use it, your subtitle gives you the opportunity to add an additional message to your donors right on the page.

2) Thank You Text


It’s important for your donors to know you appreciate them, and what better place to communicate this than right on your donation page?

You’re now able to add text on the Donation Confirmation screen, so you can personalize your thank you to your donors, communicate how much you appreciate them, and share how their donation will be used.

*Available on the Lite plan and above

Pricing Note: With our updates to donation page functionality, all new Donation Pages on the Free Plan have a 5% CauseVox transaction fee. Older donation pages are grandfathered into our 2% CauseVox transaction fee.

Lite plan users and above only have a 2% CauseVox transaction fee on Donation Pages.

View our pricing here.

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Save Your Seat

We look forward to releasing even more features and content that can help you make the most of CauseVox. We’ll keep you updated on everything with our Product Updates!

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