Product Update: Enhanced Donation Carts Elevate Your Giving Experience

Jenna Notarfrancesco
Jenna Notarfrancesco

We’re thrilled to announce a revolutionary upgrade in how donors can support your causes—introducing our enhanced Donation Carts. Inspired by the changing landscape of shopping experiences, we’ve reimagined giving to make it more engaging, personalized, and impactful.

The way we shop has transformed, and so has the way we give. Our Donation Carts now offer an interactive online shopping experience where donors can effortlessly browse and add various causes—programs, projects, and peer-to-peer pages—to their basket and checkout in a single transaction. It’s like curating your cart at your favorite online store, but with the power to make a difference.

How Donation Carts Work

The Donation Cart makes giving fun and interactive, allowing donors to explore, discover, and add your organization’s various causes to their basket. This deepens their engagement, increases gift size, and connects donors to what they care most about.

Let’s walk through the donation process:

  1. Donors select a donation, assign it to a peer-to-peer page, apply a tribute dedication, and add the donation item to their cart.
  2. They can continue browsing, adding more donations as they go, or proceed to the checkout. 
  3. At checkout, donors can review their selected items, making as-needed changes and then select from multiple quick checkout options (credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Venmo, or ACH) to complete the payment.
  4. Donors receive a customizable combined donation receipt, making the entire experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Here’s a short video overview of the Donation Cart:

Donation Cart Use Cases


Our enhanced Donation Cart caters to various fundraising initiatives, from peer-to-peer fundraising to special events, annual campaigns, and giving days. It’s a versatile tool designed to amplify donor support for any occasion.

Let’s look at a few ways you can use Donation Carts:

1. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

When supporters are engaged in peer-to-peer fundraising, they may want to contribute to various individuals, teams or projects at one time. Donation Carts allow donors to customize their contributions, making it easy for them to support multiple participants within a single transaction.

2. Giving Days

Picture this—your nonprofit is hosting a Giving Day, and donors are eager to support multiple teams and causes. With a Donation Cart, donors can seamlessly add multiple donation items to their cart and attribute each donation to a different personal, team, or organization page, all in one go. This means that during Giving Days, donors can fund causes or support teams in a fun, interactive way.

3. Annual Campaigns

Annual campaigns are tried and true opportunities to fundraise as donors fund their interests. If your organization runs multiple programs, events, or additional areas of need, the Donation Cart offers a limitless donation experience to fund any number of giving opportunities at one time. 

4. Special Events

Special events energize your donors. One way to sustain the excitement is to give donors an opportunity to purchase a variety of Donation Cart items, each tailored to enhance their experience and support the cause. Customize the form for donations, VIP packages, raffle items, dinner and drink packages, merchandise, sponsorships and more!

Benefits of Donation Cart

1. Easy Donations

Donation Carts simplify the donor experience. With a single transaction, donors effortlessly support multiple causes, ensuring an easy, one-stop giving experience.

2. Multiply Impact

Bundling multiple donations into one transaction reduces payment processor fees, while saving donors time. This cost efficiency means more budget to fund programs and impact. Donors automatically increase gift size, maximizing their support and making a more substantial impact on your organization overall.

3. Personalized Matchmaking

The built in, personalized recommendation engine means donors receive tailored suggestions for causes and programs aligned with their interests. This not only simplifies the donation process but also enhances the connection between them and the initiatives they support.

4. Fresh Insights

Gain visibility into what projects, programs, and initiatives resonate with your donors, allowing for better targeting and stewardship activities that yield higher donor retention.

5. Customization and Personalization

Go beyond rigid one-size-fits-all donation forms; offer donors a spectrum of options within each customizable donation form—whether one-time gifts, monthly contributions, or pledges. Build forms to exactly fit your organization’s needs and your donors’ preferences.

6. Easy Checkout Process

A great donor experience hinges on the ease of transaction. CauseVox Donation Carts offer best-in-class donations by incorporating multiple donations in one simplified transaction, easy access on mobile and multiple quick checkout options (Apple Pay, Venmo, ACH). 

7. Customizable Combined Receipts

Donor convenience doesn’t end at the checkout. Organize and access all your contributions conveniently in one comprehensive receipt. This receipt not only acknowledges their generosity but also reinforces your nonprofit’s brand and mission. It’s an all-encompassing experience that leaves donors feeling appreciated and valued.

💯 Unlock Modern Fundraising with CauseVox

Experience the future of giving with Donation Carts. Let’s partner together to make your vision a reality.

To learn more about switching to CauseVox, check out our pre-recorded demo or book a live 1-1 demo.

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