Product Update: Advantages Of The CauseVox Tribute Dedication

Jenna Notarfrancesco
Jenna Notarfrancesco

If your nonprofit is looking to increase donations and engage your supporters in a more meaningful way, adding a tribute dedication option on your donation form is a must.

Not only do tribute donations allow donors to make a gift in honor or in memory of someone special, but it also offers a variety of benefits for your organization.

We’ve added an integrated Tribute Dedication option on the CauseVox donation form to make it easy for donors to pay tribute to someone special in their life.

Here’s a walkthrough of some advantages of the CauseVox Tribute Dedication and how it works.

Advantages Of Tribute Dedication

For starters, tribute donations are a meaningful way for donors to honor someone who has impacted their life. Whether it’s a beloved family member or a close friend, making a donation in their name is a touching way for donors to show them how much they care. Additionally, tribute donations can have a significant impact on your organization or charity.

Increase overall giving

Having a tribute option on your donation form can help to increase overall giving. Many donors are more likely to make a gift when they have the opportunity to honor someone special in their life. Additionally, allowing donors to make a tribute gift can help to strengthen relationships with your supporters, as it shows that you value their personal connections and appreciate their generosity.

Raise awareness

By making a donation in honor of someone, donors not only show their support for your organization, they also help raise awareness about your mission and the important work you do.

When donors make a tribute gift, they often share their donation on social media or with friends and family, which can help to spread the word about your cause and attract new supporters.

Finally, offering a tribute option on your donation form can help to create a sense of community among your supporters, as it allows them to come together to celebrate and honor the important people in their lives.

How The CauseVox Tribute Dedication Works

Convenient for donors

Tribute Dedication gives donors an easy way to dedicate their gift on the first page of the donation form. It’s listed conveniently underneath the customizable donation tiers.

Tribute Dedication allows donors to make their gift “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone.


Donors can also choose to send a personal email to notify the honoree or family to let them know about the donation, which can be a thoughtful and heartwarming gesture.


Easy for admin

Within the CauseVox Admin Interface, toggle on Tributes from the list of available custom fields to add the option to your donation form.


Tribute Dedication details, including tribute type and honoree name, will be tracked in your donation data and included in the automated donation receipt.

Increase Donations On CauseVox

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