[Webinar] Nonprofit Leader Panel: Planning For Fundraising Success In 2021

You made it through 2020 year-end. Congratulations! And now, time to focus on 2021. Not so fast. Let’s take a look back and think about our fundraising successes to help us strategize in 2021.

During this hour-long panel, we sat down with Bill Northwood from the National Hospice Regatta Alliance, and Lisa Rigby, Executive Director of Woven Health Clinic, to discuss their 2020 fundraising success as well as a look ahead at how this has informed their 2021 plans. You’ll learn how to optimize for the most gifts possible this year!

  • How digital fundraising supports consistent giving year after year.
  • Examples of successful campaigns from nonprofits like yours.
  • Examples of virtual event campaigns that you can run annually.
  • How to recruit and prepare peer-to-peer fundraisers to successfully fundraise for you.
  • Specific fundraising tactics and strategies to make the most of 2021.
  • Live Q&A to help you get your most pressing fundraising questions answered
  • + more

With all these insider insights, you’ll be equipped with new fundraising ideas, tips, and proven strategies to help you acquire new donors and boost donations in 2021!

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