[Product Update] New Strava Integration To Help You Run Your Virtual Walk, Races, Climbs, + more

Candace Cody
Candace Cody

With COVID making it more of a challenge than ever to host in-person events, CauseVox is teaming up with Strava to give you the tools to host virtual walks, races, climbs, and more!

We’ve introduced a new integration that allows fundraisers to display their Strava activities right onto their personal fundraising page on CauseVox.

Strava tracks activity with Apple Watches, Fitbit, and more. With the new Strava integration with CauseVox, it’s easy to run your virtual walk, race, or climb so participants can post their activities and results.

Here are all the details to help you take advantage of the new Strava integration that will help you keep your virtual walks, runs, and activities on the right path while the world is social distancing.

Hundreds of Options With Strava

Strava allows fitness enthusiasts to track their activity through any kind of wearable device or phone. You can check out a list of all the activities that are supported, or the dozens of features included. 

With this integration, you can easily display all the activities on a Causevox campaign site or personal fundraising page with a simple URL.

You don’t have to spend endless time and money following up with your fundraisers about their race details. CauseVox does it all for you.

strava options

Make Virtual Walks and Runs Easier With the Strava Integration

The best part is, the CauseVox Strava integration provides another tool for your fundraisers that lets them get to what they want to be doing: fundraising.

When you’re asking supporters to become fundraisers and participate in a virtual fundraising activity, it’s essential that you make it as easy as possible for them to succeed.

CauseVox gives you all the tools to make that happen:

  • Easily run trackable virtual walks, runs, activities, and more in real time with the new Strava integration, with activities displayed right on their personal fundraising page.
  • Transparency to see those most engaged in your fundraising activity so you can easily see who has walked & raised the most to celebrate participants.
  • Easy 60 second personal fundraising page creation process on any device.
  • Get more donations through smart CauseVox donation pages designed to convert. 
  • Automatic receipts, easy reporting, and more to save time on admin tasks, so you have more time to invest in your participant’s success.
  • Robust support from actual people: run your virtual event with the peace of mind, knowing you won’t end up on the phone with a robot when you need a human

With CauseVox, you have everything you need to build a strong virtual fundraising walk, race, or activity that makes your supporters excited to engage: both through their activity 

How Do My Fundraisers Integrate Strava With A Personal Fundraising Page?

As more and more organizations are moving their fundraising events to a virtual model, we’ve heard the need for reliable tools that let your walkers and runners share their progress with you. 

We want you to be able to focus on supporting your fundraisers and sharing your mission, so we made an integration with Strava that is easy for your fundraisers to learn in just a minute.

strava options

As a next step, let your fundraisers know about the new integration, and they can link their running, walking, climbing, and more to their fundraising page. You can see how far and how fast your participants have gone with no hassle at all.

Here’s how your fundraisers can easily integrate activities onto their personal fundraising page.

Each participant who wants to share their results just has to have a personal fundraising page. They can edit their page and head to the “page appeal” section. All they have to do is select “insert media” and drop in a link from their Strava page. CauseVox does all the rest with no hassle.

Simple Customization Options

Fundraisers have the option to share a detailed embed if they want to show all the details of their activity:

The detailed embed shares the distance, time, elevation, and more!

Or if fundraisers want an option that’s more straightforward, they can choose a simple embed:

Share just the basics with a simple embed.

With these tools, your fundraisers can communicate to their donors and to you that they’re still out and doing the work for your cause. Adding the info to their page takes just a few clicks, and could not be easier.

Run Your Virtual Walk, Race, or Challenge With CauseVox

Ready to take your virtual walk, race, or challenge to the next level?

Forget the hassle of organizing an in-person run and replace it with the beautiful virtual fundraising of CauseVox.

Get rid of your clunky, outdated fundraising site, and replace it with CauseVox’s peer-to-peer platform.

With integrations like Strava, these pages make customization the easiest experience around. You’ll get more fundraisers and more donors.

Plus, with automated donation receipts and reporting, you’ll save even more time on admin tasks.

Don’t keep using the same old strategies when the world is changing:

Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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